The Brand

3GO Computer Components Ltd., manufacturer of computer equipment that was founded in May 2007 in Granada, offers its customers products related to information technology and communication. 3GO Computer Components Ltd. covers a wide range of products always looking for a balance between quality, price and design. As a mission we aim to give the customer the product you are looking for while maintaining quality standards. Through the brand 3GO, merger between price, quality, style and innovation, we put in the hands of the customer the product that best suits your needs.

The philosophy of this company is based on three pillars: Loyalty, Quality and Honesty. Other values we try to convey is the commitment, respect and responsibility.

As a goal we intend to achieve a corporate identity respected, valued brand image and service quality, never without forgetting the innovation. To achieve this we are committed to:

1. Offer clients our products following the rules of the game. For the smooth functioning of the market it is necessary to respect a number of implicit rules to facilitate the customer the product at the best price at all times.Offer clients our products following the rules of the game. The proper functioning of the market

2. Maintain quality relationships with our clients over time. The result of this is the high degree of satisfaction and trust among our customer base.

3. We want to offer a flexible and powerful RMA service. Every company in an industry as dynamic as the computer does not work well if it possessed a department responsible for maintenance and repairs. Through it we want that the customer always feel supported and trust in our service.