Your terms and conditions of RMA

  1. You should send the detailed material to paid -carriage, properly packaged and protected against bumps clearly indicating the assigned RMA number on the outer packaging.

  2. To expedite the processing of material receipt and it review later, we remind you that you have 15 days to send the item from the time it is processed the RMA , after that time if you have not received the item on our installations, the RMA will be considered as completed and you will need to apply a new assignment again RMA number for material not sent by the deadline.

  3. You do not forget that you have 15 days from the time of purchase to request credit of material and it must be in perfect condition, totally complete and intact.

  4. The material sent without the visible number RMA , poorly packed , mishandled and / or physical damage will be returned without prior notice and the charges will be your responsibility.

  5. Finally, remember that you should include in your shipment the template that has requested the RMA and a copy of the invoice to process the material.

  6. For more information on product warranties and after-sales service please contact us via our web or call 958 209 068.